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Welcome to the Unplugged Arcade!!

group playingThe Unplugged Arcade is the first-of-it's-kind, mobile event entertainment company that travels all around New England providing fun and games for parties and events.  We set up games and activities that are all screen free, keeping your guests interacting with each other instead of glued to their phones!

The Unplugged Arcade comes to you, bringing fun and games to your event!  When you're hosting a gathering where you want your guests to have fun, let the game professionals handle the fun, including setting up dozens of different, novel board games and activities, staying at the event to run the games and make sure everyone is engaged, and tearing it all down when it's over!  You can enjoy games that can be taught 60 seconds, played in 5 minutes and then either move on to the next or play again!  Just like a traditional arcade... That comes to you... and teaches you games most people haven't played before!

Look at your conference room table.  When was the last time that table had fun?  The Unplugged Arcade travels to offices and meeting spaces all over New England to play games and run fun activities that entertain, promote teamwork and cooperation and are a novel, memorable experience!  Whether you want to have a teambuilding session or an employ-appreciation afternoon, The Unplugged Arcade is that unique kind of fun that we all need!

Book us today for your next event or game night!

(207) 217-0400